Ditto: A Farmer’s Daughter’s Tribute To Farmers

Who’s My Daddy?

My father was a farmer.

For years he was a dirt-poor farmer who obeyed the motto “Do it Today Tenaciously and Obsessively.”

He worked long hours just to be able to make the land payments. He worked long hard days, leaving at dawn, and coming home well past midnight. He struggled just to keep food on the table, a roof over our heads, and boots on our feet.

But he seldom complained about his job. Instead, he loved what he was doing.

He must have gotten his love for farming from his father, who was also a farmer who believed in and obeyed that same motto. DITTO.

Do Important Things Tenaciously and Obsessively.

For in spite of the fact that it was hard work, grandpa Carl wouldn’t have given up his farm if someone would have paid him big money for it. He worked the land until he had to give it up because of his health problems.

Just as dad did.

Peas In A Pod

They were two peas in a pod. Two farmers who believed in the same things, did the same things, lived their whole lives according to that same motto. DITTO.

Do It Til Triumph Occurs … and Treasure’s Obtained.

So what happened to me?

I wasn’t a pea in their pod. For I seemed to be in whole different garden. In fact, I seemed to be a whole different species. For I was a disbeliever. I seemed to have picked up the belief from somewhere that life should be easy.

That I shouldn’t have to struggle. That I didn’t have to work my tail off just to survive.

I rebelled at the thought that life was all about hard work and incessant labor. I found it difficult to stick to any one thing. And whenever there was work to do, I put it off as long as I could. Especially housework, And gardening.

So many things I was assigned to just didn’t get done.

Rebel Daughter

Yes, I was a rebellious daughter.

Whenever I could, I sloughed off. When there was work to be done, you wouldn’t find me working hard at it. Instead, I was on my horse.

Me and my horse were long gone.

We were traipsing across the prairie, miles away, heading for the river.

That’s how I spent my teen years. Long, leisurely rides with the breeze tweaking my cheeks and my butt pounding the saddle.

And when dad told me I was supposed to go to college, “so I wouldn’t have to work so hard,” I didn’t realize that he was just looking out for me. I just knew I hated the thought of more schooling, More days stuck indoors. More homework.

I only knew I wanted to train horses.

And it didn’t dawn on me that what I wanted was one of the hardest and least financially viable jobs I could have chosen.

And neither did it dawn on me that training horses was work. Hard work. That I’d have to learn to live like dad and grandpa. That to succeed, I’d have to learn to live, and believe in, the motto DITTO. I’d have to become another pea in the pod.

So I failed.

Dumbo Or Ditto?

Even though I went to horsemanship school and learned a lot about caring for and working with horses. I still failed.

For I still wasn’t living the life of DITTO.

I didn’t know I was actually a dumbo instead of a living ditto. For I was still goofing off. I was still doing things just for the fun of it. I was still avoiding taking responsibility,

And a half a century later, I am just beginning to see what happened to me. And why.

I am just beginning to realize that the only way to succeed is to live the life of DITTO … just like my dad and my grandpa Carl.

The Rewards Of Ditto

I am just beginning to realize that both the men in my family had learned by necessity to Do Important Things Today Obediently.

For doing important things tenaciously and obediently is sowing the seeds, nurturing the seeds, and harvesting the seeds that bring in the money for all the good things I enjoyed as a teen.

Thus, doing important things turbo-charges the outcome you desire. Crops flourish. Bins overflow. And profits increase.

Because the motto DITTO develops inner talents and the tenacity to overcome …

No matter what work you choose to do. No matter what profession you are in. No matter who decides to live by that motto.

Even you.

Especially you, dear reader.

Investment Decisions

For making ditto your motto is deciding to invest your time and take ownership — ownership of your own life. Only then will you do the important things …

things that turn out …

turn out right.

Then you’ll learn how to be a doer instead of just a dreamer. Be a winner instead of a perpetual loser. Be a believer instead of incessantly doubting oneself.

You’ll finally believe in yourself because you’ve given up your bad habit of running away from yourself … and, instead, you’ve taken responsibility for who you are and who you are becoming …

A writer.

Earning What You’ve Longed For

A real authentic person who has a voice of her own. Who has something important to say. Who commits to something worthwhile and works hard to make her dreams come true.

A true believer who earns what is good … good about yourself, good about others, good about the world.

And maybe even a hero, someone who earns what she has longed for a long time … to be someone others can, at long last, look up to, respect, and even admire.

All because you made one simple change.

You changed the motto you live by.

Instead of being a dumbo for the rest of your life, you decid ditto is the way to go. Decide dad’s investments of time turned out … turned out okay.

And ditto. Yours will too.

With High Regards.

Kathy G Lynch

P. S.

If you’re a farmer’s daughter turned writer … or long to be … and you want to really make money as a writer, check out my FREE report “The Ditto Formula Being a Farmer’s Daughter Taught Me.” Simply email me at kathyglynch!@hotmail.com with the subject line ‘farmer’s daughter’ and I’ll send you the FREE pdf file that gives you 5 keys to becoming s successful writer in today’s oversaturated, highly competitive online world of writing.



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