Giving Up Our Obsession with Self

Photo by Lino Lakes on Unsplash

God loves to give us precious gifts.

So you enjoy an icy drink, lounge around in an air-conditioned apartment, and read a book or watch a movie without feeling any discomfort.

That’s how complacent we have become.

And how dependent we are on each other.

we begin to see our lives in a new light.

We begin to see our life from the perspective of being helpful instead of arrogant. We begin to see the world from the perspective of “how can I make life better for others as well as for myself?” We even begin to see the truth that, all too often, we have in the past been so self-absorbed that we didn’t realize that others depended on us and what we did or didn’t do.

Seeing ourselves with Christ-awareness …

helps us become better human beings.

All so God gets the credit for creating us in the first place.

When we can give God His reward for creating our better self, we are fulfilling our destiny.



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Kathy G Lynch

Kathy G Lynch

Kathy G. wants to show farmer's daughters how to become successful writers even in this highly competive world