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6 min readFeb 8, 2022


How to take advantage of your incredible guardian angel?

Without realizing it, we each have an indelible guardian angel — for any situation, for any season.

But most people fail to talk about such mundane moments, such

enigmatic experiences. Simply because, in these difficult times, people often are afriad to go against what is popular or ‘politically’ correct. And even f they did talk about it, they fear no one would listen. Or no one would accept what they have to say.

No mattter how pristine and engelic. No matter how magical and magnetic the experience. For it is so easy to ignore those hard to define experiences that led up to that moment of perfection.

It’s hard to face the reality, hard to accept and face what precedes the snowy-white, ice crystallized branches on the Christmas tree, when everything melded together in its picture of perfection.

Or like those moments few people ever talk about after being mud-spattered, even to the point of being mud-caked, while trying to pull themselves out of snow-drifts that are more mud than snow.

Ir’s hard simply because of the numbing that accompanies the experiernce. The cold seems to take over after you’ve been out for awhile … and aren’t used to it. The tingles remind you of just how cold it is.

Your hands and legs feel those tingles. But you fight through the panic of a pervasive wet gloves experience, turninig your body away from what’s normal and true with each step while you’re walking back and forth from house to street, and from street to house.

Especially on windy days when the sky hasn’t yet figured out if it’ll remain cold enough to snow. Or if sleet will force you into the old pair of galauches because you can’t quite bare to get your new boots dirty … just yet.

And even though no one hardly ever talks about those moments, they are on the tips of our tongues. For you’re not quite too sure if speaking about such things would be appreciated. Or the last straw!

Yet those feelings are hard to forget.

You can’t help feeling bitter when the biting thirty below wind chill takes your breath away … even though it was a warm thirty-seven above yesterday.

And, then, on top of all that, you’re longing for snuggles and hugs in cozy quilts while trying to stay warm as the wind howls and haunts anyone crazy enough to have a real reason for going outside ‘in moments like these.’

In moments when the last thing you want to do is be cold. For you’re still shivering from the last episode.

In moments when you’ve mentally just settled down in front of the electric fireplace with a cup of hot, frothy-cocoa, and an entrancing romance, just to heat things up a little bit …

And the powersuddenly goes off.

Your first instinct …WHY!!!!

You groan. You moan. You feel like pulling out your hair instead of pulling on your wools socks.

So instead of tracing your steps from your recliner, you trip over the umbrella stand on your way to the basement. For you know that your recliner will have to come later. And right now, old Betsy, the dilapitated generator, will have to be summoned again if you want to survive.

You work your way through the darkness, knowing it’s too late now to take up that tempting offer of the self-sustaining generator that’s long gone somehere … somewhere else … as of today.

For yesterday’s opportunities slipped through the cracks of your dreams just like cold air slipped through your bundled up fingers.

Just like new dreams will just have to wait their turn. And you get caught between hopes and fantasies as quickly as they made a grand leap into one’s mind … and then suddenly hopped and skipped around there a bit until they finally made a disgusted goodbye-farewell gesture, and exited from your mind.

On they moved, dancing like pixies, frolicking to someone else’s thoughts without a second glance.

Those fast hopping, gone-forever bouncing babies that many marketer’s were trying to unload on you just a few days ago … now just seeme to be like drift snow piled up on the other side of your window. They’re too cold to spend any time on, much less giving them any real thought.

But sometimes, when the calm has settled, and the balm of warmth has you drifting off to sleep, you dosingly dare ask, “What if I did?”

Sometimes you dare ask yourself what if I took those moments more seriously? What if I actually put some effort into thinking about how I could actually do something with my thoughts?

Wh+++++++++++at if I really learned how to think … like Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, and Albert Einstein.

What if the gifts of true thought truly were given to everyone … and all you had to do was grab onto some better thoughts?

Wouldn’t that really be something?

Wouldn’t it be true grandeur to fill the world with better ideas instead if thoughts like “Inflation is up again. Wonder what those idiots in Washington are going to do now to make it that much worse?”

For you didn’t really think that you had a chance of doing something worth doing. You didn’t really ever come face to face with such exciting … and urgently compelling … thoughts.

You didn’t really take such a thought that had come from your mind very seriously at all. And such a thought that something coming from your mind could really work still seems quite unbelievable.

But not really. The home-heating power suppliers are truly kings, but they are really all just humans, like the rest of us. Yet everyone seems to just automatically accept what they think and do. Everyone, even those big boys … those boys in the big office chairs, may have somehow missed out on one tiny point. They may have missed the question they should have been asking … and answering before the weather turned bad.

In fact, some of the big guys may not have only missed and not asked those questions, but they hadn’t thought of what would happen if a big wave of people needed their equipment immediately.

In short, they hadn’t even considered the essential and basic dynamics of marketing: supply and demand. And their ability to supply the demand.

For that is the essence of business.And it all seems so easy to comprehend now, instead of just getting mad at the power company. You earn profits by selling what people want and need … as fast as possible.

You ask, if we had to, could we get our product into the hands — and homes faster than Dominoes’ Pizza. Even in the most difficult circumstances?

And tonite … and each winter night … is a night you find out your answer to that question for yourself and your business is profitable. and life-sustaining.

So, tonight, and for many coming nights, ask yourself,”Why?”

Ask yourself What. How. When. What if.

And then put your thought power in the service of halping others, as well as yourself.

And keep thinking this thought:

“Why didn’t I let my thoughts wonder to the possibilities that I was actually letting others control my life by not taking responsibility for controlling my own thoughts and behaviors. And “WHY was I playing ‘loosey goosey’ with my own life by not giving myself credit and taking responsibility for my thoughts.”

The darkness of having to depend on others always comes around to us eventually … for it validates our wondering eyes as we ask and discover WHAT Do I think I need to think about in order to do tooexactlythat I need to wander about insistently, persistently with determination and diligence to be of help? How could I help myself and other survive the winter. What is worth wondering abou now, today?

So let us keep wondering. Wondering exactly what I have let myself believe. As yourself every day if it WOULDN’T REALLY BE MORE Profitable TO WoNDER


And, IF i HAVE TO, wandering about, waiting for dawn and enough light to see things more clearly.

Wondering when the light of Jesus will shine down upon us again so we can really be free.

And Wondering who and what God do I really believe in?



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