Joining The Fifth Dimension: Imagining What Comes From The Heart

Kathy G Lynch
7 min readMar 13, 2021


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How To Change Your Life

If we could each do it, it would change everything in our lives.

If we could all do it, we would instantly be rich.

If anyone could do it, life would be so easy.

So, what is this thing that would make a real difference in your life? It’s simply developing your skills to the point where you are able to COMMERCIALize what you do by Communicating One’s Message by Manifesting the Experience of Clear, Instant, and Relevant Advantages of Listening.

Because the whole crux of the situation of making money is to get people to listen to you. And to get people to listen to you, you need to be able to get them to instantly see how what you have to say will benefit them.

In other words, what you say must be relevant to them.

Striking A Chord In Others

What you say must strike the chord of importance in their brain as you show them you are in harmony with what they think, say, and do. Only then will they be able to harmonize with you.

Only then will they join in with you and sing the song you are singing.

So, the song you are singing must be a song that they want to sing. It must be a song that strikes a burning desire in them to burst out in regale. It must be a song they’ve been waiting for, a song they’ve been longing to hear.

A song they’ll rejoice in.

So you have to know and understand what other people really want.

You have to get down deep inside of people and discover what makes them want to boogie.

You have to dig deep into the hearts of other people and learn what makes their hearts chime with glee. What makes them feel free enough to actually want to hear your song. What makes them want to sing along with you.

Experiencing ‘Yeah!’

And in these days of soon-to-be post covid, people are looking for freedom.

In the days of post covid, more and more people are looking for the feeling, the luxury of experiencing ‘YEAH’ — where You Experience an Actual Happening. Where you can actually TOUCH someone again, where two on your couch is a happening.

People are looking for moments where masks, social distancing, and covid are in the past. Where they are free to rejoice in real relationships again. Where they can hug and touch and love one another without fear.

And when you can communicate to them that longing and show them how to really be free again … when you can rejoice in their longings and help them achieve their hearts content … when you can really strike an honest and true chord with them about their getting what they really want …

Then you will experience your own Yeah! You will experience the rewards of your effort. You will experience the joy of helping others who appreciate your help enough to pay you for it.

Experiencing The Fifth Dimension

For you will have entered and joined the FIFTH dimension, a world of the imagination. You will have begun to live by focusing your imagination on what comes from the heart.

Because you will have found “meaning in life not primarily through self-cultivation but through intense relations with others …. [for] in the desire for intense relationships with others [is found] an attempt to move beyond the isolated self,” says Robert N. Bellah in Habits of the Heart.

Bellah also says, ”Much of what is called ‘consumerism,’ and often condemned as such, must be understood ….[as] attempts to create a beautiful place in which to live, to eat well and in a convivial atmosphere, to visit beautiful places where one may enjoy works of art, or simply lie in the sun and swim in the sea, often involve an element of giving to another and find their meaning in a committed relationship.”

According to Bellah, such experiences are “not devoid of some structure of shared meaning. Not infrequently, moments of intense awareness, what are sometimes called ‘peak experiences’ occur in the midst of [many] such activities. At such moments, a profound sense of well-being eclipses the usual utilitarian preoccupations of everyday life.”

“But.” Bellah warns, “the capacity of such experiences to provide more than a momentary counterweight to pressures of everyday life is minimal.”

The Split Personality

Simply because most people experience a split personality. A split in their personal and professional lives. For they are “locked into a split between a public world of competitive striving and a private world [that’s] supposed to provide the meaning and love that make competitive striving bearable.”

But instead we find that split between our competitiveness and our need to be in harmony with others is an experience of futility, an experience that drains us.

Because our real goal is that “individuals simultaneously become more fully developed people and citizens of a free society,” explains Bellah and his coauthors Richard Madsen, William M Sullivan, Ann Seidler, and Steven M Tipton.

They explain, ”Our problems today are not just political. They are moral and have to do with the meaning of life. …[for] we are beginning to understand that our common life requires more than an exclusive concern for material accumulation.”

They believe “the truth of our condition is our poverty. We are finally defenseless on this earth. Our material belongings have not brought us happiness.”

Even though we have more ‘things’ than most people in the world have ever had, we are still impoverished. Because as Bellah explains, “Perhaps the truth lies in what most of the world outside the modern West has always believed, namely that there are practices of life, good in themselves, that are inherently fulfilling.

“Perhaps work that is intrinsically rewarding is better for human beings than work that is only extrinsically rewarded.

“Perhaps enduring commitment to those we love and civic friendship toward our fellow citizens are preferable to restless competition and anxious self-doubt.

“Perhaps common worship, in which we express our gratitude and wonder in the face of the mystery of being itself, is the most important thing of all.”

The Balancing Act

For the truth goes even further. Simply because, as Bellah and his coauthors explain, “human life is lived in the balance between faith and doubt.” But we seldom realize that we were born to be jugglers who are learning the balancing act as well as being song writers.

For it often seems you can’t live without either. Where there is one, the other also exists.

Doubt is the antagonist that drives us crazy. Drives us to the point of total frustration. And desperation.

Faith is the protagonist the moves us in the direction of progress by inspiring us and motivating us to go forward, toward our dreams.

Even if it’s only a step or two in the right direction.

Even if it’s painful. Agonizing. And even seems downright insufferable.

But when we suddenly get a glimpse of our goal being realized, our heart flutters. Our senses reel in anticipation. And we once again feel like singing. Singing praises to our God who foretold our future. Who promised the realization of our dream.

Telling Our Story

And we ourselves become the protagonist of our own story. We can tell others our story of our failures that led to our successes. Our narrative can become part of their history, part of their tradition, part of their process of becoming successful …

even if only by avoiding our mistakes and stepping onto the right path.

Even if they only experience their own success, their own version of the fifth dimension … their focusing their imagination on the things that come from their heart.

All because you helped them dream a little dream and sing a little song that came from the heart. That came from your sharing your heart. That came from your heart to theirs.

The Touching Of Hearts

As Paul McCartney once said, “When I need to, I write me a swimming pool.”

But what good is a swimming pool if you can’t swim? I say, instead, sing me a song that touches my heart and I’ll buy into that song with every fiber of my being and help you earn that swimming pool. And at the same time, I’ll feel that sense of freedom that only people who’ve shared something can feel.

People who’ve shared a sense of the true meaning of what it’s like to be a human in this world who understands others’ needs, wants, and desires. And who can also create a song in the hearts of others.

Even if that song is only a dream.

So what dream are you singing? What dream are you promoting that others would gladly join you and sing along with you? What dream are you prompting in the hearts of others?

Only by moving into the fifth dimension and focusing on what’s imagined from the hearts of others will you be able to see your dreams realized. All because you’ve joined the fifth dimension of imagination and you’ve written the song or the post that touched others’ hearts.



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