Realistic vs Unrealistic Expectations: The Key To Realizing Your Writing Goals

Clashing Reality

So you want to be a successful writer. Yet you don’t know where to go from here. For you’ve tried just about everything you’ve read about … but your writing career isn’t gaining traction. All the experts say write … and publish daily. But with a billion websites for readers to read every day, isn’t publishing daily just adding to the noise?

Isn’t it unrealistic to expect readers who have such an extensive volume of content available to them … and have heard everything already … to find you, much less find what you say irresistible enough to actually read your words?

“Expectations are premeditated resentments” (from podcast on

For years I found out how true that statement is. For when I started writing I expected to get published. Immediately. And when all I got was returned manuscripts, I became depressed and upset, as well as resentful.

Why? I kept asking myself. What was I doing wrong? Why wasn’t anyone buying my writing?

Stuck In The Slush

For I didn’t realize their was a huge pile of writing from other writers that publishers had to choose from, making up what was then called the “slush pile.” And this was before the internet became “the information highway” everyone was traveling on. Where everyone is congregating these days. Where everyone is planting their words.

And where everyone is placing their expectations for success.

So in order to be heard, you have to blast your words through today’s sound barrier called internet traffic. Where the majority of writing is words that are the slush readers get stuck in.

In order to pull readers out of that slush, you have to understand the difference between realistic vs unrealistic expectations.

For instance, just because you want something to happen, doesn’t mean it will happen any time soon. Just because you want readers to read your words, doesn’t mean you have written your way out of the slush.

Of course, you want it to happen NOW so not one wasted minute more will you be just a wannabe. And you expect it to happen overnight. So your expectations are a cue that compulsively coaxes and commands you toward those expectations. You become so fixated on those expectations that you become unreasonable.

You begin being a bully. You bully yourself mostly … by being ferocious. You work nonstop, getting little sleep. You either eat too little… or snack too much. You may even write and publish daily. And check your stats constantly, fervently. You do everything the ‘pros’ tell you to do … mainly because it worked for them. They got out of the slush. So it should work for you, too. Right?

For that’s what’s you’ve been promised.

When Is It Time?

But as the days go by with little results, you begin to wonder.

Why isn’t it working? What am I still doing wrong? Maybe I’m listening to the wrong person. Who else is on top these days? Who else can I follow and listen to so I actually make it happen?

What you fail to realize is that … you’re not doing anything wrong. Not really. For you’re probably doing what needs to be done. But your expectations are the real problem.

You’ve just bit off more than you can chew in one bite. For your chasing high expectations … is wrong-headed.

What you need to realize is that no matter how much content you put out there … it’s going to take time to get out of the slush, Time for your name to pop up into people’s feeds. And more time to pop into their heads.

Writing isn’t a get rich quick, get known now deal. You’ll never know for sure when it’s your time … until it happens. It’s a ‘work at it consistently to get your foot in the door’ kind of thing. And consistently means day after day, week after week. Month after month.

As the cat says, MEOW! For major expectations of outpouring words doesn’t make the cat any less eager to find something entertaining. Or any more eager to come to you. You have to arouse her curiosity. You have to pique her interest. You have to drive her to you by doing something that motivates her to come to you.

A Smart Cat

And any fool cat will sit at a window and watch a bird, and eagerly expect … and anticipate … that tasty morsel.

You have to be smarter than most cats. You have to learn how to get out of your own way, and open the door, clear away the slush … even if you have to use your claws to do it. So hopefully you haven’t been declawed. And even if you have, you still have a brain in your head to figure things out.

A smart cat like you can rescue yourself with realistic expectations and shift the current of your consciousness to more uplifting, inspiring, and entertaining escapades. Like capturing the attention of those who just naturally adore a smart cat. Captivating people by becoming the cat whose MEOW is a mouthful of expectations and offerings of of outstanding writing that purrs lovingly in reader’s ears.

And because you keep at it … keep learning. Keep writing. Keep whetting reader’s appetite … continuously offer them enticing bites that make them eager to pay attention to you …

Because you are realistic enough to realize that writing is your dream come true — And the rest of it is just the cat’s meow –

Your words become the cat’s meow.

Finally the slush is cleared away and your expectations are realized. Your writing goals are achieved. Because your words are ecactly what readers are expecting to find.



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