Kathy G Lynch
3 min readSep 22, 2022


The Devil’s Daughter

Be Forewarned

The Devil does crazy things to a person. One day you can believe that you’re doing okay, that you’re finally getting it all together. Then suddenly, in a split second everything changes … and you see life from a totally different perspective.

It’s as if you’re seeing life from the edge of a steep and dangerous cliff — when you started walking through a green luscious meadow.

And instead of turning away from the cliff and back onto a safer path, you step off the cliff.

I was that person.

I must of thought I could fly … in that split second.But I couldn’t as any sane human knows. Luckily I landed in some brush, tangled with thorns, barely alive, but still breathing.

It all began when I was six and my mother fought the system.

All because I was one of those kids who was socially inept. I never made friends, I never played games, and I was the one who was standing alone at the swing set, looking wistfully at other kids having fun.

And throughout my life, I felt alone …playing by myself, with myself — entering a dark pit of fire and brimstone that spanned fifty years.

There were days when the sun did shine, days when the world seemed okay. But for the most part there was darkness, and desperation. Despair and danger lurking everywhere — in my mind.

So when I did get involved in relationships, I ended up twisting each in my mind according to a version of twisted passion I thought was love.

And I got hooked on sex as if it was a drug. I couldn’t get enough. Sex was on my brain every minute of the day. Even after sex with my husband, I masterbated. And even that wasn’t enough.

I was crazed with lust. I battered myself, abused my husband and children. And destroyed my family life.

And couldn’t admit to myself. Much less anyone else what I had done. I hid it in the dark recesses of my mind where it stayed for decades … and where it constantly threatened to pop up into my conscious mind.

But I kept pushing it back down into the darkness … and didn’t know why I was always so afraid. Always so scared. Always to frightened of facing the truth.

Until that fateful day when God took over and set me on the steep dangerous cliff of truth … and let me make a decision. And I made the wrong one … again.

Time and time again God tried to set me straight, putting me on that edge of the cliff. And time and time again, I made the same mistake. My mind was too infested with dark thoughts, thoughts that I couldn’t shake off. Thoughts that led to a sickness of mind, body and soul. Thoughts that led to self-delusion, self-destructiveness and self-hate.

This is my story, a story of a woman who is lost. I can only hope for another chance for redemption from the Lord Jesus Christ, because I am the damned devil’s daughter.

So beware. If you don’t want to end up in the pit fires of Hell like me, Go to God and ask for forgiveness. Call on the Lord Jesus Christ For redemption.

For your very life and your soul depends on it.



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