The Rejuvenating Macchiato Experience

Kathy G Lynch
4 min readSep 24, 2021


The Benefits of Life’s Expresso Machine

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Ever had a stressful day and you just wanted a macchiato?

And as you sipped that macchiato, all your troubles just drifted away?

The Power of a Macchiato

It was as if that macchiato had the power of what my dad used … a healing shot of blackberry brandy. Only you don’t risk getting addicted to alcohol.

A macchiato seems to boost your metabolism when the damaging winds of despair are doing their best to blow you off course. When you’re too tired from the struggle to keep going. When you’re worn out from the endless battle to break free of all the obstacles in your path.

Then a macchiato seems to lift you up when you feel so down that you’re drowning in desperation of ever moving forward even a step.

Or so I’ve been told.

Macchiato Decisiveness

For people say a macchiato is responsible for you suddenly telling yourself you’ll make one last effort. And you lower your head and brace yourself as the winds tear at you. And you push forward, taking one brave step in the direction you were headed.

And just as suddenly (due to the power of the macchiato, I presume) the winds of despondency calm. And you hear the music. You feel the rhythm of life pulsate through you. You step lightly and seem to float forwards in a rhythmic dance toward your goal.

All because you made one simple change. One change in your life. One change that altered your feelings. Altered everything you believed to be true.

A change that completely altered your destiny.

The Macchiato Shift

You shifted your power source. For now, you’re an expresso drinker.

And, as Tony Robbins says in Awaken the Giant Within, “one shift in identity can cause a shift of your entire Master System.”

For the change you really made was in your thoughts and your beliefs about who you are. Because you shifted your thought “I am a loser, a quitter, and nobody” to the thought, “I am a winner, a go-getter. I’m one of the elite. Because I drink macchiatos.”

And in that moment of decision, you shifted gears and decided to keep going. You made the decision to wrestle with life by working relentlessly to experience the taste of strength. The strong bite of life’s expresso.

Macchiato Relentlessness

And even when your life’s expresso machine didn’t seem to be working, when it seemed to be broken, you kept trying. You worked relentlessly, diligently, to find a way to get that expresso.

You cleaned out and readjusted the spigot of your expresso machine. You changed the filters of your attitude. You did everything you could think of to make that danged thing work.

And suddenly, with no warning, for seemingly no good reason … your cup was filled. For your expresso machine was now working.

And you mentally tasted the savory syrups yielded from the realization of unwavering purposeful striving.

Nothing else could ever be as satisfying.

Macchiato Outcomes

And even though you realize you’ll do many things to ‘make it happen’ in your reality, you come to see that you may never really know which thing you do will be the key to such richness unfolding in your life.

But you believe with your whole heart that it will be the result, the outcome, of that one very important change, the result of the most important change that you could ever have made.

For as Robbins also says, “one of the finest beliefs I developed years ago that helped me to enjoy all of my life experience was the idea that there are no bad experiences, that no matter what I go through in life — whether it’s a challenging experience or a pleasurable one — every experience provides me with something of value if I look for it. If I just pull one idea or one distinction from an experience, then it expands me.”

And more than anything else, that one thing that changes lives is often that one moment when we make a decision to change who we think we are. When we make the decision to be someone truly worthy of the success we desire to realize in our life.

The Macchiato Moments

For often it is those Macchiato moments in our lives that shape us. That move us towards our destiny.

For your destiny is in those moments of your deciding that every single tiny idea nudges you forward, towards who you have chosen to become.

Because it is your choice. Your intention. Your moment of decision … that makes the difference.

Simply because success is the result of magic — the manifestation of action generated by intentional choice.

Macchiato Dreams

Robbins advises us to “let your imagination run wild with the possibilities of all the things you could explore and experience — and begin immediately.”

For you’ll never know what the future holds until, as Robbins adds, you act. Until that moment you actually go exploring. Until you move towards the life-rejuvenating possibilities of Macchiato dreams.

So, take some time now, today, to enjoy life’s macchiatos via your mental expresso machine.

For even if it’s only a dream now, the experience will set in motion your belief of it really happening. Paving the way for the outpouring richness of pleasure and satisfaction of macchiato dreams eventually being realized.



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