What Are You Aiming For With Your Stories?

Ready Aim Fire phote by Kathy G Lynch

Aim at Getting Readers Ready

For so many years … even for decades … I didn’t know what I was doing. In fact, I didn’t even know what I was, or what I should be, aiming at. And it’s only recently that I decided to get deadly serious about my AIM and Aligning my Inner Motivation to attract readers.

Don’t Disengage Your Readers

In other words, you must know what you’re talking about.

When Ready … Fire

Thus, to engage a reader’s attention, you must FIRE them up — fire and inspire your reader’s excitement.

Words That Hook Readers

Thus, you pique their interest. You arouse their curiosity to find out what … what happens after that.

Good Enough to be the Writer of the Week

When your writing is that good, when your writing keeps readers awake even when they know they should be sleeping, you are on your way to becoming the ‘writer of the week.’ Becoming one of those better writers we all love to hear from.

Arouse Reader’s Hunger and Thirst

If you really desire to have readers, you’ll appreciate the readers you have and give them more of what they want.



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Kathy G Lynch

Kathy G Lynch

Kathy G. wants to show farmer's daughters how to become successful writers even in this highly competive world