Why Your Reader Needs to See the Funny Side of the Post

seeing the funny side

A Chink in Your Attitude

And Ensign put a chink in my attitude when he said, “Being a successful blogger is not just about being a teacher …

Add a Little Hiccup to your Writing

Or at least, without saying something that makes a reader sit on the edge of excitement and wonder “What’s that? What’s she got in her overdramatic head now?” A dramatic recipe for muffin’ lovin’ tribe’s writing success? Or even a call to the muffin’ lovin’ tribe?

And according to Ensign, you can start giving readers a more enjoyable read, even a more exciting read, by “adding a little humor.”

But what is humorous to me may not be so funny to you.

A Spasm of Uncontrolled Emotion

And, instead, wakes you up with a spasm of uncontrolled emotion.

Triggering Reader’s Funny Buttons

But those phrases may not trigger your reader’s funny buttons.

Getting Personal is Sometimes Funny

But humor is a personal thing. So, you have to develop rapport with a reader. You have to relate to your reader’s experiences as well as find a way to ignite her sense of the novel and entertaining.

Funny is Fascinating

And when you can see the irony of it all, when you can see the funny side of life, your writing will fascinate others.



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Kathy G Lynch

Kathy G Lynch

Kathy G. wants to show farmer's daughters how to become successful writers even in this highly competive world