How to Give Readers I’ll Remember it Always Moments

Kathy G Lynch
6 min readOct 15, 2021

Finding the forget-it-nots

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Are you giving your readers what they really want? An ‘I’ll remember it always’ experience? Giving them the scoop on Google Goulash? Maybe telling them a funny tale or two?

Lately I’ve been craving for something I haven’t had for a long time. A blueberry muffin. I can’t get it out of my head. For it’s become more than a mere muffin. It’s become an insignificant little desire that has grown into a longed for ‘remember it always’ experience. The muffin’ lovin’ writer’s success recipe.

I can picture that forget-it-not in my mind. Picture those luscious blueberries mixed in with the sweetness of fresh-baked muffin bread. The choice to choose the oldest secret family success recipe.

Forget-it-not Desires

That muffin has become a powerful awakening. A craving for those ‘forget-it-not’ little things that can seem so unimportant. A desire that becomes a memory burnt in your mind. A longing that needs to be satiated.

So, what forget-it-not desires are you gifting your readers? Are you giving your readers forget-it-not pictures and images that spark their desires for all those little niceties of life?

Are you sparking their forget-it-not desires that they secretly long for? Things that they often don’t dare even think about because they really don’t matter. Don’t matter to anyone but … to you!

Are you fostering the image of your readers giving in to those little luxuries? Are you arousing their deepest secret desires so much that they can see and taste them in their mind like I can taste those blueberries melting in my mouth. Smell them as if they were just made, just popped out of their own oven. Muffins that remind you of those old stories of yesterday that weren’t funny then … but are now. Simply because you now have the muffin’ lovin’ writer’s recipes for success.

The Importance of the Unimportant

For every reader who ever has had a desire that hasn’t been satiated has known the heart-sinking feeling of disappointment in the pit of her stomach. And it’s often those little things that create the deepest ache, and mounting frustration.

So, do you encourage your readers’ dreams of enjoying a feast made for a queen? Even though they aren’t really a queen any more than I am, just because my daughter wore a ‘princess’ necklace most of her teen life.

And even though Queen Elizabeth prefers to indulge in her habitual scones and cucumber sandwiches with the crust cut off. For she simply doesn’t know what she’s missing.

Finding What’s Missing?

Because everyone in the whole wide muffin world that matters knows just how scrumptious and forget-it-not they are. I’m sure even a nobleman like Prince Philip, a food aficionado, isn’t missing out on knowing the glory of enjoying a fresh, home-made American blueberry muffin.

For any MUFFIN lovin’ writer knows the glorious feeling of those moments when unthought-of findings become forget-it-nots.

Those moments when magic unfolds and your flirtation with fascinations turn into immediate necessities.

For just because Queen Elizabeth prefers biscuits for breakfast now, doesn’t mean she couldn’t one day really “go all out” and try a muffin.

And even though you may not even be thinking about having a blueberry muffin right now, think about what your readers are longing for. Think about what would taste so good to them and how disappointed they would feel because they had to settle for chocolate chip cookies instead of a forget-it-not muffin?

Fanning Hidden Little Desires

So, is the magic of the muffin unfolding in your readers’ lives? Are your reader’s preferences of the day being met? Are your reader’s tastebuds being satiated? Are your readers enjoying those luxurious forget-it-not moments?

All because you kept writing. All because you kept putting words on the screen. All because you kept their dream alive by working daily. Working daily to spark and fan your readers hidden little desires to have their secret little longings satisfied?

When you sit at your desk, are you searching your mind for the very words that your readers are seeking? The words that compel your readers to read? Are you searching for words that are forget-it-nots?

Creating Muffin Magic

Are your fingers steadily tapping those keys and coming up with forget-it-nots? Are those words, ideas, and thoughts that appear on the screen creating muffin magic? Creating moments of undeniable fascination for fans who are intensely nudged towards dreams never-before indulged in?

Are your words the forget-it-nots that pull your followers into a different world … into your muffin lovin’ world … as if by magic. Simply because you made a grand intentional choice.

You made the choice to write about muffin dreams that are forget-it-nots to your readers?

For that decision has far-reaching consequences. Because you never know who will read what you have written. But whoever does, has an opportunity to engage in the fantasy of satiating minor, but oh-so-sweet, little delights. Fantasies that just could become reality. Could become the essence of dreamy forever remembered forget-it-nots.

The ‘Muffin’ Experience

Simply because you are a writer who has learned that a muffin isn’t just a muffin. It’s a movement where unexpected and unusual findings become true forget-it-nots.

Because it’s those moments where readers become aware of the unexpected that they begin to see with wonder and awe how great it is to be alive. How stunning it is when surprising twists of unnoticed novelties are nurtured and nursed … and become longed for dreams that are never really forgotten by even the most uninspired of us all.

And how even the most staid and predictable people can unexpectedly be thrown for a loop by the ‘muffin’ experience. And end up in places they never dreamed in a million years they would be. Doing things they would never would have believed they’d do. Experiencing a whole new level of life they never knew even existed.

For what if Queen Elizabeth was jolted out of her usual habits? And what if she actually did eat an American muffin? Would her world change dramatically?

Would her countrymen and countrywomen see her in a different light? Would people be shocked? Would it create a scandal?

Would she possibly be declared a traitor to her country? Or maybe even declared incompetent and senile?

Probably not.

A Different Side of the World

Maybe she’d just realize that there’s a whole different side of the world to investigate. An entire different view seen by those who love blueberry muffins instead of biscuits.

And maybe she’d feel like those readers who begin to dare do things that are different and unusual.

For maybe your readers would experience the difference in merely living, merely existing, and having a ‘muffin’ experience. An experience of the most unexpected and underrated findings becoming true forget-it-nots.

The Unexpected and Unusual

After all, even a reader, as well as the queen mother, has the right to experience the unexpected and unusual sometimes.

So, what forget-it-not experiences have you had today that you can gift your readers? Have you deliberately sought out the unusual? Have you made it a point to discover facts and ideas that stun you and force you to see things from a new view?

Do you stir yourself out of your stupor and really look around you?

Do you really notice all the forget-it-nots around you each and every day that create the joy of just being alive?

The Magic In the Novelty

Do you ask yourself, “What forget-it-nots in my life make me see the magic of life where things aren’t what they seem? Where things are seen differently than the rest of the people in the room see them?”
When you discover the answer to those questions, you are on the muffin lovin’ path of the magic of the unexpected factors in life becoming forget-it-nots.

Is there magic in the novelty of your offerings? Is there magic Is in your giving your readers moments of unexpected fun and funny incidents of novelty?

In short, are you filling the lives of your readers with moments of “I’ll remember it always.”



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