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Kathy G Lynch
4 min readSep 17, 2021

An Irresistible Offer for Muffin Lovin’ Writers

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Who out there doesn’t love muffins?

Who doesn’t crave a luscious forget-it-not muffin?

Imagine this funny incident. You wake up in the middle of the night. It’s totally dark outside. And you’re hungering for something to eat. You get up and walk towards the kitchen. You stub your toe on the dresser near the bedroom door.

You fumble you way through the darkness as your stomach rumbles. You get to the kitchen and look in the pantry. And you see … an empty carton of muffins.

Drats! You forgot to buy your favorite muffins.

Muffin Lovin’ Frenzy

What would you do? Would you get dressed, go out in the moonless night, risk anything for … just a muffin?

But not for just any muffin. For a banana muffin.

I love muffins. Especially banana muffins. BANANA muffins remind me to Become an Audacious, Notorious, Adventure-loving and Never-give-up author

For you have to add a banana in your writing to get things moving. To get readers reading. To give readers that sense of “somethings happening. I don’t know what just yet. Bot I’m sure going to find out … by reading more.”

Banana muffins are to me like caviar to the rich. I often want one at the most crucial times. Especially when I’m midsentence in a tough scene. It’s either that, or settle for Google Goulash.

In your dreams, do you ever fantasize about getting a butler to bring you a muffin? Dream of someone … anyone … who would gladly go out and get you what you crave for when your stash is low?

But instead, you have to settle for what you’ve got? Like maybe just a few cookies, cookies that promise the chance offering of the opportunity to keep inventing, keep exciting and stimulating readers so they read.

So you eat those dang cookies, just to keep writing. You work on, even though your heart and your soul longs for muffins. Banana muffins.

In Your Dreams

If you’re one of us muffin lovin’ writers, a good banana lovin’ muffin recipe will get your readers droolin’ for one. And any banana muffin lover longs for an offer to get their hands on, and sink their teeth into, one of those muffins from the family with the oldest recipes.

In their dreams.

Especially those muffin lovin’ writers who know that their family are really all fans and audience members who incessantly love muffins as much as they love you and what you do.

And my newest addition to my family’s MUFFIN recipe book is simple: it’s an offer to you to become the best gourmet writer you ever dreamed of. It’s an offer where you merely join me on your path to becoming a member of my unforgettable favored family of influence NOW!

For I am the oldest in our muffin lovin’ family (coming of age 71 in November) and I would guess that makes me a winner of the noble prize for living long enough to outlast anyone who said I’d never live this long. (For, yes, age has its rewards.)

And as a writer, I am really just getting started. I’m revamping my career. I’m revising my thinking. And I’m starting out by refreshing my muffin recipe lovin’ family with some new members.

So, if you see your writing as your recipe for cooking up delicious things for readers to taste and having them test out your baking and cooking skills (whether you use a crock pot or cook on the grill, or give readers inviting and luscious muffins for lunch doesn’t really matter) … it’s time to join my Muffin lovin’ family.

Join NOW so not one word of my family writing recipes is missing in your library of recipes. You’ll receive all my recipes (that I’ve cooked up so far) in one easy to digest FREE pdf recipe e-book “Writing Recipes for the Gourmet in You”.
Plus you’ll get an email with a link to every new writing recipe that comes from my very own writing kitchen.

Join me now on an incredible journey of cooking up succulent delights for your readers to partake and enjoy on your glorious path of becoming a muffin’ lovin’ gourmet writer. Today!

mail me at with the words MUFFIN TRiBE Member and send me your email address to become a muffin lovin’ tribe member and get your FREE Muffin Lovin’ Writing Recipes.



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